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Platform capabilities

Services Offered

computing Typecomputing ServicesDevelopment Status
Bio-data Analysis ServicesEEGReleased
Heart RateReleased
Affective computing ServicesAttentionReleased

Real-time analysis and report

The Affective Cloud provides two ways to return values: real-time analysis and statistical reports.

Real-time computing of the affective computing value allows your product to respond to the user's physical and affective state in real-time. It allows you to develop products that interact with the user in real-time, for example, by determining in real-time whether the user falls asleep to decide whether to turn off the sleep aid music or not.

Reports over a period of time can allow users to understand their physical state and affection changes over a period of time. For example, the pressure-reduction effect of meditation can be measured by analyzing the pressure level change before and after the meditation user.

Real-time computed affective computing values

The values available for analysis are as follows.

Computing TypeComputing ServiceOptional Computing ValuesData Description
Bio-data analysisbrainwavesLeft and right channel EEG dataRaw brainwaves
Brainwave SpectrumBrainwave energy ratio in each frequency band, including alpha, beta, theta, delta, and gamma frequency bands
EEG signal qualityFor assessing the current signal quality
Heart RateHeart Rate ValuesReal-Time Heart Rate
Heart Rate VariabilityHRV per Minute
Affective computing analysisAttentionAttentionReal-time attention
RelaxationRelaxationReal-Time Relaxation
Stress LevelsStress LevelsReal-Time Stress Levels
Pleasure LevelPleasure LevelReal-Time Pleasure Level
ArousalArousalReal-time Arousal
SleepSleep stateReal-time determination of whether to fall asleep
sleep depthReal-time determination of sleep level

The service will return the results in real-time. For details, please refer to the interface protocol for the relevant parameters and configuration.


After computing, you can also choose whether you want to return a report of the computing analysis results, which can be used to count all the values generated during the current session. The optional computing return results report is as follows.

Computing TypeComputing ServiceOptional Computing ValuesData Description
Bio-data analysisbrainwavesAll records of EEG variations in each frequency bandIncludes alpha, beta, theta, delta, and gamma bands
Heart rateHeart rate average, heart rate maximum, heart rate minimum, and all heart rate valuesCalculated from all records combined
HRVHeart rate variability Average, all recordsCalculated from all records combined
Affective computing analysisAttentionAverage, all recordsAll Average and records
RelaxationAverage, all recordsAll Average and records
Stress levelAverage, all recordsAll Average and records
Pleasure LevelAverage, All RecordsAll Average and Records
ArousalAverage, all recordsAll Average and records
SleepSleep curvesOverall course of sleep
Sleeping pointSleeping point of time
Duration statisticsDuration statistics for each sleep state